Blockster Labs (product division of AyanWorks) Opens the Door to Digital Trust: CREDEBL Goes Open Source

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Blockster Labs (product division of AyanWorks) has open-sourced its Decentralized Identity platform, CREDEBL

We are pleased to share a significant development in our journey towards fostering digital trust and privacy. Blockster Labs, the product division of AyanWorks, is proud to announce the open-sourcing of its Decentralized Identity platform, CREDEBL. Built on robust open standards, CREDEBL is a full-stack Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) & Digital Credentials Management suite designed to simplify the complex processes of issuance, storage, and provenance of data in real-time.

Understanding CREDEBL: A Closer Look

CREDEBL is the answer to the global call for SSI adoption, revolutionizing how we handle credentials in our interconnected world. It helps drive and increase the adoption of Verifiable Digital Credentials across various sectors and industry domains, including e-governance, National Digital Identity, Education, Healthcare, and more. It achieves this by simplifying the intricate process of data issuance and storage while ensuring user and data privacy. Leveraging global and interoperable standards like W3C Decentralized Identifiers & Verifiable Credentials, CREDEBL stands as a testament to our commitment to open standards and open-source collaboration. Notably, CREDEBL offers SAS-based solutions for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), ensuring user-friendly features at a competitive price.

In addition to CREDEBL, we present ADEYA, our digital identity wallet designed for credential holders. ADEYA ensures secure storage of issued credentials with advanced cryptography, presented to verifiers in a privacy-preserving manner. By prioritizing privacy and aligning with data protection legislations such as GDPR, DPDP, CCPA, etc., both CREDEBL and ADEYA enable organizations to protect the privacy of beneficiaries effectively.

Recognized as a Digital Public Good

CREDEBL has been recognised as a Digital Public Good (DPG).

We are honored to announce that CREDEBL has achieved a remarkable milestone by being recognized as a Digital Public Good (DPG) by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA), a UN-endorsed initiative with a mission to promote equitable access to open-source technologies. Being the first open-source product from India in the full-stack SSI category to make it to the DPG registry. Discover more about CREDEBL on the DPGA Registry In order to attain the status of a digital public good, all projects must adhere to the DPG Standard, ensuring their alignment with authentic open-source principles.

Why are we open-sourcing?

We believe in shared technology adaptation, foreseeing rapid global adoption of SSI, and are dedicated to making this technology accessible to all. The recognition from DPGA validates that we are on the right track. CREDEBL stands as a beacon for standards-driven identity solutions that enable individuals to share information in a trustless world with confidence.

About the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)

Endorsed by the United Nations, the Digital Public Goods Alliance serves as a multi-stakeholder platform facilitating the discovery and deployment of open-source technologies. By fostering collaboration between nations and organizations, DPGA contributes significantly to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recognized Digital Public Goods (DPGs) adhere to privacy regulations and relevant standards, supporting the achievement of SDGs while prioritizing ethical considerations. Digital public goods (DPGs) encompass open-source software, open data, open AI systems, and open content collections that adhere to privacy regulations and relevant standards.

Advantages of Embracing Digital Public Goods

- Heightened Discoverability: Prominent visibility and promotion of digital solutions.

- Global Deployment Opportunities: Expanded reach and engagement with a vibrant global community.

- Strengthening Public Infrastructure: Governments worldwide strengthen their Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) to ensure essential benefits reach every citizen, fostering transparency and oversight for funding organizations.

Embracing Digital Trust Together

Blockster Labs and AyanWorks invite the open community to collaborate in building transformative Digital Trust Ecosystems and Digital Public Infrastructures (DPI) that will redefine the Web3 interactions ensuring transparent, trusted, and immutable digital transactions. Our commitment to open standards and open source acts as a catalyst for mass adoption.

If you have any questions, curiosity, or wish to start using CREDEBL — Reach out to; we’re here to listen and eager to collaborate! For more information on the Digital Public Goods Alliance please reach out to

Let’s shape a transparent, trusted, and immutable digital future together.




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