Open Sourcing ARNIMA FL — Aries Mobile Agent SDK for Google Flutter

Aries Flutter Mobile Agent SDK

Exactly a year ago in Jan 2020, we announced ARNIMA — first ever Aries React Native Mobile Agent SDK that we made open source for the Self-Sovereign Identity ecosystem. (See here)

Today, while we wish you a very happy and healthy 2021, we thought to add to that happiness beyond just wishing. We are very excited to announce one more small open-source contribution from AyanWorks to the Aries community.

ARNIMA FL — Flutter based Aries Mobile Agent SDK

During the recent IIW #31 (Internet Identity Workshop) that took place during Oct 2020, we announced about our willingness to bring open-source Flutter based Aries Mobile Agent SDK. Keeping up with the promise and with the commitment we have for contributing to the open-source, we are glad to announce ARNIMA FL — Aries Flutter Mobile Agent SDK, first ever Google Flutter based open-source cross platform Aries Mobile Agent SDK.

While this is the first version, we have implemented initial set of Aries RFCs into it for the developers community to start using.

Features available in V1 of ARNIMA Flutter SDK

This being the first version, we have following basic features made available –

  1. Create Wallet
  2. Connection with Mediator Agent
  3. Connection with Aries Cloud Agent using Invitation URL

We believe that these initial features will help SSI developers to get first hand playing around with this version. Soon, we will push remaining features/RFCs in subsequent releases.

GitHub Repo

Following is the GitHub repository you can get the SDK source from. We have provided a sample mobile app for your ready reference as part of the repo.

We intend to move this repository soon as a Hyperledger project under Hyperledger Github Org, so that the bigger Hyperledger Aries community can contribute & benefit.

We look forward to your feedback and contribution as always the case.

Happy collaborating!!

AyanWorks Team

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