Aries Flutter Mobile Agent SDK

Exactly a year ago in Jan 2020, we announced ARNIMA — first ever Aries React Native Mobile Agent SDK that we made open source for the Self-Sovereign Identity ecosystem. (See here)

Today, while we wish you a very happy and healthy 2021, we thought to add to that happiness beyond just wishing. We are very excited to announce one more small open-source contribution from AyanWorks to the Aries community.

ARNIMA FL — Flutter based Aries Mobile Agent SDK

During the recent IIW #31 (Internet Identity Workshop) that took place during Oct 2020, we announced about our willingness to bring open-source Flutter based Aries Mobile Agent SDK. Keeping up with…

We at AyanWorks are very excited to announce about our small open-source contribution to the Self-Sovereign Identity ecosystem with the announcement of “ARNIMA”, an open-source React Native SDK for building Aries Mobile Agents.

ARNIMA attempts to meet the need / asks of many members from the Aries community, mainly React Native developers, who are looking forward to build cross-platform Aries Mobile Agents using React Native stack.

ARNIMA repository can be accessed here:

We look forward to more feedback and contributions, as it is just the beginning.

Happy collaborating!!

AyanWorks Team

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